What To Do At Warped Tour

Anybody out here a concert-goer like myself? Honestly, the summer time makes for the best concerts. Especially if they are outside. But if its in the middle of July, and the concert is out in this big field/parking lot where thousands of people attend, you’re going to need to be prepared.

Yes my friend, I’m talking about Warped Tour!

Now you’re probably thinking that I’m crazy by saying that you have to come prepared, but trust me, I’ve been twice, its a bit of a process. But never fear my friend! I will break it down step by step that way you won’t have to worry.


Hydrate the night before. Seriously, drink tons of water! The two times that I have went it was blistering hot out and I was drinking water and Gatorade like it was my job and I still felt dehydrated.

This one is a given, but if you didn’t get your tickets sent to you in the mail, print your tickets the night before. That way the morning of the concert you’re not fussing with the printer and you are more focused on getting out the door and on the road.

Pack a backpack. A simple drawstring one will do just fine. You are allowed to bring one water bottle, a snack, SPF (30+ or higher), a poncho in case it rains, sharpie for autographs, and a fully charged cell phone. They do say that they have charging stations there at the concert but they charge $15 to charge your phone and honestly that’s just silly. They also sell ponchos there too but it just makes more sense to bring one from home and save yourself the $5 it will cost you to buy one.

Now in terms of what to wear to the concert, this is essential. I would suggest comfy shoes, a light tank and shorts. If the weather is predicting an overcast day, wear shorts anyways, it will still be hot.

What you should also bring is cash. They don’t accept cards unfortunately. Just bring enough that you will need. Also all of the bands that will be there will have tables set up with tee-shirts and current CD’s so if you like a lot of the bands that will be there, make sure you have enough to feed yourself too.

I would recommend eating a big breakfast before starting out on the road. Keep it light, but make sure you are full too. Traveling for a long period of time takes a lot out of you.

THIS PART IS WICKED IMPORTANT! If you are driving to the concert, depending on where you live, leave extra early. Seriously! When you get close to the area the traffic is out of this world. You don’t want to miss an important band do you?! If you also own an old car, I would also suggest finding another mode of transportation. For some reason, on the day of Warped Tour it is tradition to break down 5 miles away. If at all possible, carpool.

This next piece of information is very important, you have to stay together. Even if its just going to the bathroom, bring a bathroom buddy. All sorts of people go to Warped Tour and its not okay to talk to strangers. The venue size no matter where you go will be huge.

WHAT NOT TO DO! These next couple of things are going to be a given but if you have been to Warped Tour you will see different types of people all sorts of messed up and they get in trouble for it.

Don’t act out. You will just draw unwanted attention onto yourself and cops/security will take notice.

Make sure you stay hydrated through out the day. I can’t stress it enough! If you keep a water bottle on you all day they will have a free free refill station so you can refill it as many times as you want.

Last but not least keep your possessions where you can see them at all times. You never know. Also keep all important valuables at home because the venue is not held responsible.


That’s really all the advice that I have! If you log on to their website too they will tell you a lot more than I did. I just wanted to cover the most important things. Honestly, Warped Tour is really fun, you get to see a lot of bands, maybe discover some new ones that you haven’t heard of and you get to meet some pretty awesome people. Talk to you guys soon!


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