YAY! It’s giveaway time!!

Can’t you tell I’m excited??

I am announcing a giveaway with Glamour Doll Eyes starting tomorrow! From May 1st – May 31st, for every $10 you spend, you will receive a raffle ticket. So if you spend $25, you will get 2 tickets, if you spend $12, you will get 1 ticket, and if you spend $38 you will get 3 tickets and so on. On June 3rd a winner will be picked and it will be announced on their Facebook page. The winner will get the ENTIRE COLLECTION. That is 141 FULL SIZE jars which is equal to $425 (if purchased as a collection) or $846 if purchased separately. There will also be a drawing of 2 MORE tickets to win the entire collection in sample baggies, so 3 winners in total. The sample baggie collection is worth $91.35 if purchased in a set or $176.25 separately.

So yeah, really good giveaway if I don’t say so myself!!!

If you wanted to check out Glamour Doll Eyes and enter into the giveaway, click this link —>

Also be sure to “like” Glamour Doll Eyes on Facebook so you can find out if you’ve won at the end of the month!





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