I Don’t Care, I Love It!

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So, for a Wednesday night there isn’t much going on. It was -10 degrees out today so I decided not to brave the cold air and run the errands that I wanted to do. Oh well, there is always next time. I’ve decided to do a little questionaire because I figured if I keep my figers moving maybe my body will generate heat. #wishfulthinking #imalwayscold #youknowwhenyoutweettoomuchyouhashtageverything

How do you feel right now? I feel a little tired haha. Also I’m freezing! =(

A color or colors you feel you wear well? Oooh I think anything bright looks good on me. I can’t wear bright colored jeans (I think they look silly) But tops will do just fine!

One of your favorite TV shows from the ’80s/’90s? All That! =)

Have you ever given yourself a haircut? Yes! Haha. It actually came out good. I didn’t do anything drastic I just trimmed my ends.

Strawberry, vanilla or chocolate milkshakes? It’s a tie between chocolate and vanilla.

What hits the spot? A shower after a freezing day at work, comfy clothes after working all day and snuggles from your kitty. =)

A job you think you’d be pretty good at? Make up artist! 😉

A single strand of pearls: yes or no? Yes! I have some handed down from my grandmother. ❤

When was the last time you wore a tiara (if you’ve ever worn a tiara)? Probably the last time when I played dress up, I think I was 5.

Weekly goals? Start working out!


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