Put It In A Bubble And Let It Float Away.

That’s honestly the best way to relax. Also, its the best piece of advice to give to someone (or yourself) when they seem to have reached their boiling point. What are some of your favorite ways to relax? I like to read, listen to music, spend time with friends, travel, go shopping and dance. Sometimes I don’t feel like doing any of those things, so when that happens I’ll pull out a Bathbomb from Lush.

Ahh.. so relaxing =)

In order to use one what you would do is, heat up your bath with hot water and wait for it to get deep so the bathbomb can be completely submerged in the water. Then the bathbomb will start to fizz and eventually dissolve into relaxing fun scents for your bath. I LOVE these, I usually go for the relaxing/moisturizing ones to help me unwind. Some of my favorites are listed below!

Twilight: I think that out of all of them this has to be the most relaxing one. It has a ton of lavender, sweet tonka and ovaltine. I’m usually not a tonka person but when its mixed with other scents I quite enjoy it.

Butterball: This one is packed with some serious moisturizing benefits. If you can’t find the time to get yourself to the salon to get a pedicure, this bathbomb is the perfect alternative. It contains coco butter, vanilla musk and ylang ylang.

Geo Phyzz: The ultimate spa getaway! Sea salt, pine and cypress help soothe and soften the body. This one reminds me of Butterball because it really moisturizes the skin and helps relax the mind. There is also a hint of sandalwood in there too!

Avobath: This one will really help you get out of your “morning fog”. It’s a very invigorating bathbomb packed with a lot of lemongrass, perfect when you just can’t wake up in the morning. There is also avocado and olive oil to help refresh the skin.

Vanilla Fountain: I usually like to call this one “dessert time”. Haha! This bathbomb has pure vanilla, a little bit of caramel and a little woodsy note thanks to a little tonka bean.


If you get to try one of these let me know which one! =)


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