Monday Night Poll Time!

Hey guys! So you probably wondering, why did I start doing this poll anyways? Well for starters, its not really a poll per-say, more so a series of questions that vary each week. I also figured that I would give you the opportunity to get to know me a little bit better!

1. Mood: A little stressed actually, haha. Dealing with car trouble is no fun! But other than that I’m just fine and dandy thank you!

2. Do you prefer oceans, lakes, or rivers? Doesn’t matter really! I love being outside in the sun (just as long as I have my sunscreen). I find it so relaxing being by the water soaking up some rays with a good book. Hence why I love summer.

3. What’s one makeup tip that has been of great help to you? Primer! Primer! Primer! Lot’s of it! Well, for the face anyways. You want to use about a quarter size before your foundation and a small dot for your eyes.

4. What are three things guaranteed to make you smile? 1) Being by the water. 2) Concerts. 3) Making people feel beautiful.

5. Regular or de-caf? Regular if its an iced coffee half-caf if its a hot coffee.

6. Have you ever played beach volleyball? Well does playing it during gym count? Haha. But technically speaking yes I have, however its not my thing.

7. When do you usually have the most energy during the day? I would have to think early afternoon. I’ve been up for a while and already ate and showered!

8. What’s one makeup or beauty product that you have been wanting to try but you quite haven’t gotten around to it yet? OOH! Thats a really good question, haha. I’ve been dying to try Inglot eyeshadows. I hear amazing things about them but I havent gotten around to placing an order.

9. Whats a book you loved as a child? Love You Forever by Robert Munsch and Sheila McGraw. Best book ever for a child! Haha.

10. Weekly goals: To take one thing at a time, cherish the little things in life, and to start exercising again.


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