NOTD! (Nail of the Day)

Hi guys! I i figured I would do something different today. I’ve been trying to sharpen my nail painting skills seeing as it is very expensive to get them done these days. I’m not sure where I got the inspiration from but as seen in the picture below this is what I came up with.

Step one: I first filed my nails so the edges can be smooth.

Step two: Then I applied the Orly Bonder base coat all over my nail so the nail polish can adhere better.

Step three: I then applied two coats of the China Glaze nail polish in Sexy in the City #553.

Step four: Once that dried I took some tweezers and gently applied some nail decals that I picked up from Sally’s. They have tons of different choices but I chose the ones that reminded me of the beach. 🙂

Step five: Once the decals were on I then applied the Seche Vite top coat to protect the decals and the polish from wearing off.

There you have it! Thanks for reading!


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