Best of: Eyes!! Part 2

Best of eyes part 2! Ready? Set? Let’s go!


Let’s start with my favorite color, purple. Well its one of my favorite colors, I like them all really, except for really bright, neon colors. Whenever I see a really bright color for some reason I always think of Nicki Minaj. I’m not sure why, probably because she always wears them but, I’m getting off topic anyways. Haha! One of my favorite eye liners is the Bobbi Brown Gel Eye Liner in Violet Ink. Gel eye liners I find, are a bit more easy to work with versus liquid eye liner because gel based eye liners give a smoother look and are easier to apply. When you work with a gel eye liner you do have to use a brush so if you feel that the extra step will be too much then I would say go with the liquid liner. The Bobbi Brown Gel Eye Liner is easy to work with, waterproof and lasts all day. The price point for the gel eye liners are $22 which defiantly isn’t bad.

My next favorite item for eyes would be the bareMinerals READY eyeshadow 2.0. The two shadows are really smooth to apply and easy to blend with and, its in the color purple! Haha. If your really looking for a good eye shadow color that will make your eyes pop and you just so happen to have brown eyes I would say go with anything purple. Something really cool about these eye shadow is they have caffeine and cucumber in them which are really good anti-aging benefits for the eye area. The READY eye shadows comes in a duo for $20 and a quad for $30 and honestly I LOVE these eye shadows and I plan on getting some more.

The next two and final things that I’m going to talk about are two single eye shadows. The first one is from Lancome and its called Kitten Heel. The reason why I love this shade is because it this really cool soft pink shade with a gold undertone and it can go with any eye look. The shadow can be used with browns, pinks, golds, the list goes on and on. The single eye shadows retail for $18 and I think that they are really good quality for the price that they are at and they are offered in a ton of different shades.

The last eye shadow that I’m going to talk about is also a single eye shadow but its from MAC. The reason why I love this shade is because it can be used tons of ways. Its called All That Glitters and its a veluxe pearl shade which just means that its VERY shimmery, which I don’t mind at all. You can use this shadow in the corner of the eye to brighten the eye area, you can also use it on the brow bone to help blend the crease color and to add a little highlight as well. But whats really awesome about this shade is that it looked wicked pretty on the cheek bone as a face highlight. I’ve been using this shade so much I find myself going through the pan rather fast, which is fine by me cause I love finding other ways to use eye shadows. The single eye shadow in the pot retails for $15, however if you have any pallets from MAC then they do sell their eye shadows already out of the pot for $11 just to make your life a little easier.

That wraps it up for the best of eyes series! St. Patricks day is coming up, I’m excited to do a look for it. I’m not sure what its going to look like, I need to get a few things before I start mapping it out. Talk to you soon! =)


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