Best of: Eyes!!

Hey you! I was re-organizing my make up collection when a light bulb went off. How about I share with you some eye products that I think are well worth mentioning? I thought it was a good idea as well. I figured I would do a little mini series, I’ll start with eyes, then do cheeks, followed by face and lips. Lets get started.

Who hates eyeshadow creasing? I know I do. Its really important to start with an eye primer before you apply eyeshadow. One of my all time favorites would be the Bare Essentials Prime Time. I have been using BE for years, I even remember the old packaging for Prime Time. The new packaging is very different however you do get more product. It comes in a 0.1 ounce tube for a price point of $18. Which isn’t bad however the tube is rather small looking so you will go through the product kind of fast. It was my first eye primer though, and BE was the first make up company that I really got serious about my passion for make up. Which will explain why I have so many of their eye shadows. 😉


I am a huge mascara junkie, haha. Seriously, I have a ton. But my all time favorite would be the Clinique High Impact for $15. It is the best volumizing mascara thats out there. There is no clumping or flaking and another good thing about it, is it doesn’t break the bank either!


There is something about an eye look that starts with a cream eye shadow base. It really catches my eye and you can almost see all the different colors and how they blend together to create this stunning eye look. Whenever I use the Illusion D’Ombre cream eyeshadow’s from Chanel, I’m hoping to achieve just that. My favorite shade is #86 Ebloui and its a really pretty purple/magenta shade. It is a really good base for a good smokey eye and the texture of it is a silicone gel so its something that won’t melt off during the day. I would recommend using a small amount of an eye shadow primer just to be sure.

Whenever I’m in the mood to do something natural on my lid for some reason I always reach for golds. I really adore golds paired with brown eyes, I find it rather striking. Something else that I find rather striking would be MAC’s pain pot in Treasure Hunt. I forget what collection it came out with so it does make it be a limited edition shade but I really like it, especially paired with MAC’s Goldmine. The eye shadow base is a little creamy for my liking so I usually put another eye primer underneath just in case but when I do that the eyeshadow doesn’t crease. But the color payoff is enough that I can just wear Treasure Hunt by itself and have it show up.

Make sure you stay put, haha. There will be a part 2 of “best of: eyes” coming to you shortly!


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