Foundation Review!

Hello darling! How are you? =) I finally organized my make up collection only come to find that I have a lot of foundations. Which is perfectly okay with me, foundations do different things for your skin. Some can be matte, some can be dewy or some can be sheer. It just depends on what a person likes on their skin. When I choose a foundation I do have to be careful, I have an oily condition in my T-zone so I can’t get a foundation too sheer or too dewy. I’ll just end up looking like a disco-ball by the end of the day. Haha! I figured I would share what I find that works best with my skin in terms of foundation. Lets start with my favorite.

May I introduce to you the greatest foundation of all time? Meet Perfection Lumiere with an SPF of 15 by Chanel. This foundation will give you a 15 hour wear, matte, powdery finish. Which is perfect for people that have scarring to cover up or like a full coverage foundation, like I do. It is really good for oily skin, and it also has build-able coverage for those people that feel like they need a little extra in a certain spot. However, I would recommend carrying a little powder with you in case you have plans to go out after a long work day. Towards the end of my work day and on my skin I do find that I will have to re-powder before I go out but honestly, I really don’t mind. The price point of this foundation is $55 which, I know, is a little pricey but I defiantly think its worth spending the money.

This foundation is perfect for people that have acne like me! I don’t break out all the time now like I did when I was younger, but I will get the occasional spot or two. When that happens I put this foundation on for a few days in a row and instantly the new pimple will be almost gone. It has 0.5% salicylic acid which is a really good ingredient that you want to look for if you are trying to treat acne. It is lightweight, build- able coverage and it is best worn with out a primer. Reason being, the salicylic acid that is in the foundation will have direct contact onto the skin so the foundation can treat during the day. I did try wearing it with a primer just to see what would happen and I discovered that it wouldn’t treat any spots on my skin because of the layer of primer that I had put on first. The price point of this foundation goes for $26 and I’m totally happy. It doesn’t wear away through out the day and I don’t produce any excess oils.

I am all for looking for a cheaper alternative to something that I really like that will give me the same results or something close to it. When I discovered the Silk Creme foundation from Laura Mercier, I soon found out that it is almost like the Perfection Lumiere from Chanel. The difference is that the Silk Creme foundation is a bit more heavily bodied than Perfection Lumiere and the Silk Creme doesn’t have a 15 hour wear. Other than that it is a full coverage make up that give a luminous finish to the skin. It isn’t a think foundation, and you only need a pea sized amount so this is a foundation that will last you a little while. On my skin during the summer however, I do find that I have to switch to a lighter foundation only because the texture of the foundation is a little too heavy on my skin. The price point of this foundation is $42 and I’m really glad that it works for my skin.

So what are you doing this weekend? My S.O.S and I are celebrating Valentines Day a little early this year. We are trying out a Greek restaurant tonight. I’m so excited! 😀


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