Oh, Darling You’re Such a Lush!

Ya know, whenever I hear about a company that hand makes all of their products using good-for-you ingredients and makes sure that they put in no preservatives inside, I have to make a trip to see for myself. For me, it’s just a hop, skip and a jump to the nearest Lush store. Lush is all about making their skin care items and body care items with hand-picked ingredients and packaging them in re-usable containers. Pretty sweet if you ask me. I went shopping the other day and I figured I would share with you all what I got.


Honestly, it was love at first sight when I stumbled upon Sympathy for the Skin Body Lotion. Once I got some of the lotion onto my hands it defiantly took sympathy on my dry, cracked skin. Its super-absorbing, non-sticky formula sinks right into my skin with active ingredients like vanilla, almond oil, coco butter, bananas, sandalwood oil and lemon oil. Pure amazing-ness in a 8.4 ounce tub if you ask me. For a price point of $25.95 this stuff is said to last you well over a year which is perfectly fine by me.


What are you doing for Valentines Day by the way? I hope you and your special someone have something amazing planned. As for me, I unfortunately have to work and my S.O.S has go to go school so we will have to celebrate a little early this year. If you don’t have someone special in your life, maybe you will get A Million Kisses from someone unsuspecting. Or, maybe you will just get one kiss and you will end up trying the A Million Kisses lip tint instead, Hehe. The makers behind the product describe it as the perfect blue-tinted lip product that will fit on anyone.  It’s infused with rose hip oil, japan wax, icing sugar, organic jojoba oil and lemon peel and with just one layer you will have people turning heads. It comes in a 0.4 ounce pot for a price point of $8.95 so I think I will be making a trip back to Lush sometime soon.

Have any of you tried Jasmine Noir by Bvlgari? Honestly, its one of my favorite scents out there. It’s slightly woodsy and sweet but not over powering. The only down side is that it costs $80 for the smallest size. But when I discovered Tuca Tuca from Lush I found out that it smells exactly like it and its only $10.95! Right on! Now all perfumes are going to smell differently on everyone, it just depends on your body chemistry. For me luckily, everything turns sweet on me to some degree so when I stumble upon spicy woodsy scents like Tuca Tuca, I really like them on me. Tuca Tuca is made up of vanilla, sandalwood and ylang ylang. My three most favorite scents ever. Ahhh, heaven in a bottle.

Well that about sums it up for this blog post. Has anybody tried anything new from Lush? Let me know, I’m open for suggestions. =)


2 thoughts on “Oh, Darling You’re Such a Lush!

  1. Omg I LOVE Lush so much! I swore by Rehab shampoo, I swear it made my hair grow like crazy! I used it with Retread conditioner, and the tub never lasted long but I loved it. So light and perfect for my insanely thick hair. I also love love love their bar soaps and their massage oil bars, they smell amazing! I also got my ex the dandruff shampoo bar, it smells horrible but it works wonders and it doesn’t leave the smell on the hair much at all. It just leaves a slight smoky smell, like you stood next to a campfire. My favorite bar soaps are Honey I Washed the Kids and the chocolate one, I forget what it’s called. Their shower bombs do wonders for hangovers. I used half of an Up You Gets one when I was hungover and the smells just perk you right up. Their bath bombs are awesome, too. I could go on for days!!!

  2. Ooh! Also, the Lush people will give you free samples of stuff if you ask. Every time you make an order online you get a few free samples with it. And if you’re in a Lush store, they’ll massage your hands with lotion and stuff and it’s amazing.

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