Review Time!!

Hey everyone! I hope everyone had a safe and happy new years! For this first blog post I just wanted to do a quick review on some stuff that I had gotten a few days after Christmas. The mascara that you see on the left is actually something new that I’m trying. So far so good however. It’s from Urban Decay and its a supercurling mascara that has polymers in it. Polymers are actually fibers that they put in the mascara so when you apply it, it forms a tube around each lash so the curling aspect curls 10x more than a regular curling mascara. My lashes are more used to volume, they don’t really need curl. But if I’m doing my make up one day and I don’t want to wear a whole lot, this mascara is a really good natural curling mascara. Now, let’s get talking about setting powders. I’ve been using the mineral veil from Bare Essentials for the longest time but when I had discovered the universal setting powder from Laura Mercier I hate to say it, but I switched. Now, BE is a REALLY good brand don’t get me wrong, but with the mineral veil I tend to get really oily from it. With the universal setting powder, its oil/talc/ and paraben free which for us combination/oily ladies makes for a really good setting powder. I’m really happy that I switched.

The next two things that you see are things that I have been using for a while but I figured Id include them here cause they are defiantly worth talking about. If any of you guys, like me, have acne prone skin and want a really good concealer to cover them AND makes for a really good under eye concealer then defiantly go with the Bobbi Brown Face Touch Up Stick. I use the shade warm ivory 1 and Im really happy with the coverage that it gives me. Also it works really good as an under eye concealer. I’m extremely pleased with it. Question for you all, who likes to go out at night with your girls AND wants their make up to last for oh lets sayyy.. 16 hours? If you like to do that as much as I do then I defiantly say stick with the Urban Decay “All Nighter” setting spray. What this does is it literally makes your make up stay all day and night, keeps the oil under control AND its paraben free. AH-MA-ZINGGG!! Its perfect if your always traveling or on the go and you need your make up to stay on all the time.

If you guys are a big lover of MAC products as I am. Then I’m pretty sure you will go head over heels for these new eye shadows that I got at the bottom. =) Believe it or not I don’t have many green eye shadows, so when the make up artist I was talking to recommended Sumptuous Olive I immediately fell in love. It’s a really good shimmery, light forest green color. A perfect shade for brown eye ladies, or hazel. If anyone is looking for a really good matte blending color then I highly recommend Kid. It’s a matte soft brown which is a perfect match for fair to medium ladies. Who likes a pop of color on the eye? I know I do, and I also know that I really like Sketch. It’s a really cool raspberry with flecks of gold in it. Honestly, anything raspberry colored or anything in the purple family makes for a really good eye look for brown-eyed ladies.

That’s all that I have for now, questions, comments or concerns just leave a comment below. =)


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